Third Edition
April 16, 2024 | Bucharest, Romania



International Conference on Cyber Diplomacy

This high-level event is designed as a unique forum for leaders, decision-makers and managers from both private and public sector, as well as security experts and innovators with an interest and expertise in cyber diplomacy. Sharing knowledge and promoting the best practices is the key to moving forward in a field that needs to be continuously connected to the latest changes and trends, and whose importance is being reiterated, daily, by current events and long-term tendencies.

The conference is a high-level forum for discussions covering current state and trends of global digitalization, as well as existing risks and challenges in cyberspace, with the goal of facilitating regional and international cooperation through cyber diplomacy and multistakeholder participation.

Our conference highlights the benefits to be gained by aggregating expertise from multiple domains, creating synergies, and encouraging cooperation and capacity building.

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The International Conference on Cyber Diplomacy represents a high-level platform for dialogue and covers the trends of global digitalization, the impact of emerging technologies, as well as the evolving threat landscape in cyberspace to promote regional and international collaboration via cyber diplomacy and a multistakeholder paradigm.

We firmly believe that, together, we can build trust, security and better shape the future through cyber diplomacy.

Conference Date

April 16, 2024

Conference Venue

The Palace of the Parliament
Bucharest, Romania


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Conference Topics

  • International Consensus on Emerging Technologies: Addressing the Growing Need for a Common Agenda
  • Bridging Borders: Regional Diplomatic Initiatives in Cybersecurity and Technology
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